dnd dwarvish wizard casting meteor swarm

AoE spells (or area of effect spells) are a big part of DnD 5e. In fact, 181 spells in DnD 5e are AoE spells. I’ve compiled all of 5e’s AoE spells in the table below.

Note that I play kind of fast and loose with the term “AoE.” Spells that have multiple targets, but don’t affect an area, are included in this list.

For example, I include Bless as an AoE spell, since it affects multiple allies, rather than affects a specific area. I also include a spell like Magic Missile, which has multiple targets but likewise doesn’t affect an area.

I also used my own judgment for the categories of damage (although that one’s pretty straightforward), heal, buff, debuff, and utility. And, of course, spell can fall into multiple categories.

Spell Name Level Damage Heal Buff Debuff Utility
Acid Splash 0 (cantrip) X
Create Bonfire 0 (cantrip) X
Light 0 (cantrip) X
Mold Earth 0 (cantrip) X
Shape Water 0 (cantrip) X
Sword Burst 0 (cantrip) X
Thunderclap 0 (cantrip) X
Word of Radiance 0 (cantrip) X
Arms of Hadar 1st-level X
Bane 1st-level X
Bless 1st-level X
Burning Hands 1st-level X
Color Spray 1st-level X
Create or Destroy Water 1st-level X
Detect Evil and Good 1st-level X
Detect Magic 1st-level X
Detect Poison and Disease 1st-level X
Earth Tremor 1st-level X X
Entangle 1st-level X
Faerie Fire 1st-level X
Feather Fall 1st-level X
Fog Cloud 1st-level X
Grease 1st-level X
Hail of Thorns 1st-level X
Ice Knife 1st-level X
Magic Missile 1st-level X
Purify Food and Drink 1st-level X
Silent Image 1st-level X
Sleep 1st-level X
Snare 1st-level X
Tasha’s Caustic Brew 1st-level X
Thunderwave 1st-level X
Aganazzar’s Scorcher 2nd-level X
Aid 2nd-level X
Calm Emotions 2nd-level X
Cloud of Daggers 2nd-level X
Darkness 2nd-level X
Dragon’s Breath 2nd-level X X
Find Traps 2nd-level X
Flaming Sphere 2nd-level X
Gust of Wind 2nd-level X
Locate Animals or Plants 2nd-level X
Locate Object 2nd-level X
Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp 2nd-level X
Moonbeam 2nd-level X
Pass Without Trace 2nd-level X
Pyrotechnics 2nd-level X
Scorching Ray 2nd-level X
Shatter 2nd-level X
Silence 2nd-level X X
Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm 2nd-level X
Spike Growth 2nd-level X
Warding Wind 2nd-level X
Web 2nd-level X X
Zone of Truth 2nd-level X
Aura of Vitality 3rd-level X
Beacon of Hope 3rd-level X
Call Lightning 3rd-level X
Catnap 3rd-level X
Conjure Barrage 3rd-level X
Crusader’s Mantle 3rd-level X X
Daylight 3rd-level X
Erupting Earth 3rd-level X
Fireball 3rd-level X
Glyph of Warding 3rd-level X X
Hunger of Hadar 3rd-level X
Hypnotic Pattern 3rd-level X X
Lightning Arrow 3rd-level X
Lightning Bolt 3rd-level X
Magic Circle 3rd-level X
Mass Healing Word 3rd-level X
Melf’s Minute Meteors 3rd-level X
Plant Growth 3rd-level X
Sleet Storm 3rd-level X X
Slow 3rd-level X
Spirit Guardians 3rd-level X
Spirit Shroud 3rd-level X X
Stinking Cloud 3rd-level X
Thunder Step 3rd-level X X
Tidal Wave 3rd-level X X
Wall of Sand 3rd-level X X
Wall of Water 3rd-level X
Water Breathing 3rd-level X
Water Walk 3rd-level X
Wind Wall 3rd-level X
Aura of Life 4th-level X X
Aura of Purity 4th-level X
Confusion 4th-level X
Control Water 4th-level X X X
Evard’s Black Tentacles 4th-level X X
Fire Shield 4th-level X X
Guardian of Faith 4th-level X
Hallucinatory Terrain 4th-level X
Ice Storm 4th-level X
Locate Creature 4th-level X
Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum 4th-level X
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere 4th-level X X
Shadow of Moil 4th-level X
Sickening Radiance 4th-level X X X
Storm Sphere 4th-level X X
Vitriolic Sphere 4th-level X
Wall of Fire 4th-level X X
Watery Sphere 4th-level X X
Animate Objects 5th-level X X
Antilife Shell 5th-level X X
Circle of Power 5th-level X X
Cloudkill 5th-level X X
Cone of Cold 5th-level X X
Conjure Volley 5th-level X X
Control Winds 5th-level X
Danse Macabre 5th-level X X
Dawn 5th-level X X
Destructive Wave 5th-level X X X
Flame Strike 5th-level X X
Holy Weapon 5th-level X X
Insect Plague 5th-level X X
Maelstrom 5th-level X X
Mass Cure Wounds 5th-level X X
Rary’s Telepathic Bond 5th-level X X
Seeming 5th-level X X
Steel Wind Strike 5th-level X X
Synaptic Static 5th-level X X X
Transmute Rock 5th-level X X X
Wall of Force 5th-level X X
Wall of Light 5th-level X X X
Wall of Stone 5th-level 1
Wrath of Nature 5th-level 1 1 1 1
Blade Barrier 6th-level 1
Bones of the Earth 6th-level 1 1 1 1
Chain Lightning 6th-level 1
Circle of Death 6th-level 1
Create Undead 6th-level 1
Forbiddance 6th-level 1
Globe of Invulnerability 6th-level 1
Guards and Wards 6th-level 1
Heroes’ Feast 6th-level 1 1
Investiture of Flame 6th-level 1 1 1
Investiture of Ice 6th-level 1 1 1
Investiture of Stone 6th-level 1 1
Investiture of Wind 6th-level 1 1 1
Mass Suggestion 6th-level 1
Move Earth 6th-level 1
Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere 6th-level 1 1 1 1
Programmed Illusion 6th-level 1
Scatter 6th-level 1
Sunbeam 6th-level 1 1 1 1
Wall of Ice 6th-level 1 1
Wall of Thorns 6th-level 1 1
Wind Walk 6th-level 1
Delayed Blast Fireball 7th-level 1
Divine Word 7th-level 1
Dream of the Blue Veil 7th-level 1
Fire Storm 7th-level 1
Forcecage 7th-level 1
Mirage Arcane 7th-level 1
Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion 7th-level 1
Plane Shift 7th-level 1
Prismatic Spray 7th-level 1 1
Reverse Gravity 7th-level 1
Symbol 7th-level 1 1
Temple of the Gods 7th-level 1
Whirlwind 7th-level 1 1
Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting 8th-level 1 1
Animal Shapes 8th-level 1
Antimagic Field 8th-level 1
Control Weather 8th-level 1
Holy Aura 8th-level 1 1
Illusory Dragon 8th-level 1 1
Incendiary Cloud 8th-level 1 1
Maddening Darkness 8th-level 1 1
Mighty Fortress 8th-level 1
Sunburst 8th-level 1 1 1
Tsunami 8th-level 1 1 1
Astral Projection 9th-level 1
Mass Heal 9th-level 1
Mass Polymorph 9th-level 1 1 1
Meteor Swarm 9th-level 1
Prismatic Wall 9th-level 1 1
Psychic Scream 9th-level 1 1
Storm of Vengeance 9th-level 1 1
Weird 9th-level 1 1

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