There are 11 Intelligence save spells in DnD 5e. Intelligence save spells typically deal psychic damage. Intelligence saves are also the least common ones forced among DnD 5e’s spells. They are primarily found in the enchantment and illusion schools of magic.

Here are all the 5e spells that force a Intelligence saving throw, along with a brief description of their effects:

Spell Name School Level
Mind Sliver Enchantment 0 (cantrip)
Tasha’s Mind Whip Enchantment 2nd-level
Phantasmal Force Illusion 2nd-level
Enemies Abound Enchantment 3rd-level
Synaptic Static Enchantment 5th-level
Mental Prison Illusion 6th-level
Symbol Abjuration 7th-level
Feeblemind Enchantment 8th-level
Illusory Dragon Illusion 8th-level
Psychic Scream Enchantment 9th-level

As you can see, Intelligence save spells are among the strongest high-level spells in the game, like Synatpic Static, Feeblemind, and Psychic Scream. They’re also the least likely to be resisted among 5e’s monsters, since Intelligence isn’t usually a strong ability score, especially among beasts and the like.

dnd spellcaster mini using Int save spell

Are Intelligence Save Spells Good?

Intelligence save spells will land more often than most spells, on average. However, this is purely based on the average ability modifiers among DnD 5e’s monsters in the game’s main monster sourcebooks. The average Intelligence of monsters in 5e is 9.29 — the first-lowest average ability score in the game.

For comparison, here are the average ability scores of the 802 monsters included in this data set:

Average modifier 15.00 13.14 15.30 9.29 12.03 10.62

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