There are 13 Charisma save spells in DnD 5e. Charisma save spells typically debuff an enemy in some way rather than deal damage. They are primarily found in the abjuration and enchantment schools of magic.

Here are all the 5e spells that force a Charisma saving throw:

Spell Name School Level
Bane Enchantment 1st-level
Calm Emotions Enchantment 2nd-level
Zone Of Truth Enchantment 2nd-level
Magic Circle Abjuration 3rd-level
Banishment Abjuration 4th-level
Dispel Evil And Good Abjuration 5th-level
Planar Binding Abjuration 5th-level
Seeming Illusion 5th-level
Magic Jar Necromancy 6th-level
Divine Word Evocation 7th-level
Forcecage Evocation 7th-level
Plane Shift Conjuration 7th-level
Symbol Abjuration 7th-level

As you can see, many Charisma save spells affect a creature’s ability to control itself, like Banishment, Magic Circle, or Zone of Truth. But there are also powerful debuff spells like Bane and Divine Word.

paladin banishing a demon dnd 5e minis

Are Charisma Save Spells Good?

Charisma save spells will land more often than most spells, on average. However, this is purely based on the average ability modifiers among DnD 5e’s monsters in the game’s main monster sourcebooks. The average Charisma of monsters in 5e is 10.62 — the 2nd-lowest average ability score in the game.

For comparison, here are the average ability scores of the 802 monsters included in this data set:

Average modifier 15.00 13.14 15.30 9.29 12.03 10.62

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