dnd ranger casting a spell on spiders

Spells that debuff enemies in some way are among the strongest in DnD 5e. Debuff spells can grant disadvantage, make it harder for enemies to maneuver, or, most simply, apply a negative condition that makes life harder for your foes and easier for your friends.

Below I’ve put together a list of the 119 spells in DnD 5e that provide some kind of debuff:

Spell Name Level
Booming Blade 0 (cantrip)
Chill Touch 0 (cantrip)
Friends 0 (cantrip)
Frostbite 0 (cantrip)
Mind Sliver 0 (cantrip)
Ray of Frost 0 (cantrip)
Shocking Grasp 0 (cantrip)
Vicious Mockery 0 (cantrip)
Bane 1st-level
Cause Fear 1st-level
Charm Person 1st-level
Color Spray 1st-level
Compelled Duel 1st-level
Dissonant Whispers 1st-level
Ensnaring Strike 1st-level
Entangle 1st-level
Faerie Fire 1st-level
Grease 1st-level
Guiding Bolt 1st-level
Hex 1st-level
Hunter’s Mark 1st-level
Ray of Sickness 1st-level
Sleep 1st-level
Snare 1st-level
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter 1st-level
Thunderous Smite 1st-level
Wrathful Smite 1st-level
Blindness/Deafness 2nd-level
Branding Smite 2nd-level
Crown of Madness 2nd-level
Earthbind 2nd-level
Enlarge/Reduce 2nd-level
Enthrall 2nd-level
Hold Person 2nd-level
Levitate 2nd-level
Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp 2nd-level
Mind Spike 2nd-level
Phantasmal Force 2nd-level
Pyrotechnics 2nd-level
Ray of Enfeeblement 2nd-level
Silence 2nd-level
Suggestion 2nd-level
Tasha’s Mind Whip 2nd-level
Web 2nd-level
Zone of Truth 2nd-level
Bestow Curse 3rd-level
Blinding Smite 3rd-level
Counterspell 3rd-level
Enemies Abound 3rd-level
Fear 3rd-level
Hypnotic Pattern 3rd-level
Magic Circle 3rd-level
Phantom Steed 3rd-level
Sleet Storm 3rd-level
Slow 3rd-level
Spirit Shroud 3rd-level
Stinking Cloud 3rd-level
Tidal Wave 3rd-level
Wall of Sand 3rd-level
Banishment 4th-level
Charm Monster 4th-level
Compulsion 4th-level
Confusion 4th-level
Control Water 4th-level
Dominate Beast 4th-level
Elemental Bane 4th-level
Evard’s Black Tentacles 4th-level
Grasping Vine 4th-level
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere 4th-level
Phantasmal Killer 4th-level
Polymorph 4th-level
Sickening Radiance 4th-level
Staggering Smite 4th-level
Watery Sphere 4th-level
Banishing Smite 5th-level
Contagion 5th-level
Control Winds 5th-level
Destructive Wave 5th-level
Dispel Evil and Good 5th-level
Dominate Person 5th-level
Geas 5th-level
Hold Monster 5th-level
Modify Memory 5th-level
Planar Binding 5th-level
Synaptic Static 5th-level
Transmute Rock 5th-level
Wall of Light 5th-level
Wrath of Nature 5th-level
Bones of the Earth 6th-level
Eyebite 6th-level
Flesh To Stone 6th-level
Harm 6th-level
Mass Suggestion 6th-level
Mental Prison 6th-level
Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere 6th-level
Otto’s Irresistible Dance 6th-level
Sunbeam 6th-level
Divine Word 7th-level
Forcecage 7th-level
Power Word Pain 7th-level
Prismatic Spray 7th-level
Symbol 7th-level
Whirlwind 7th-level
Antipathy/Sympathy 8th-level
Dominate Monster 8th-level
Earthquake 8th-level
Feeblemind 8th-level
Holy Aura 8th-level
Illusory Dragon 8th-level
Maze 8th-level
Power Word Stun 8th-level
Sunburst 8th-level
Tsunami 8th-level
Imprisonment 9th-level
Mass Polymorph 9th-level
Prismatic Wall 9th-level
Psychic Scream 9th-level
Storm of Vengeance 9th-level
Weird 9th-level

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