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DnD Lounge was created with new DnD players and DMs in mind. We aim to serve helpful, easy-to-follow advice on 5e spells, rules, classes, and races. Look out for DnD resources like a background generator, spell statistics, pre-built character sheets, and more in the future.

Meet Our Team

Matt Zane

Matt is a human resident of Earth who enjoys games, art, stories, the fantasy genre, writing, and Dungeons and Dragons. That’s why he created DnDLounge, a place for gamers to nerd out, rules to be simplified, and tales to be told. His first goal is to provide helpful resources for DnD players and dungeon masters, but he also hopes to explore more tabletop games and broader fantasy topics.

When Matt isn’t deep-diving every possible application and rule of a DnD spell, he’s looking for adventures in the woods, painting miniatures to the best of his limited artistic ability, leveling up his cooking, or reading a tome of lost lore.

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