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I made this firbolg name generator as a resource to help DnD players get inspiration for a new character and to help quickly come up with firbolg names. In DnD 5e, firbolg names are not commonly used by firbolg society itself. Firbolgs only “adopt elven names when they must deal with outsiders, although the concept of names strikes them as odd.” Firbolg names can also be adopted by a title or nickname that an outsider gives them. Additionally, “their tribe names merely refer to their homes.”

With that in mind, this firbolg name generator uses a combination of elf names from DnD’s sourcebooks, as well as a few nicknames that seem fitting for a nature-themed creature. And for tribe names, I used natural locations paired with a brief description, which seems like a fitting way for a firbolg to refer to their home when talking to outsiders (among themselves, firbolgs simply refer to home as home).

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