Firbolg names are not typical in firbolg society. Indeed, firbolgs find the convention of naming a strange one.

But that doesn’t mean your firbolg character has to go without a name. Firbolgs use elven names when dealing with outsiders or adopt whatever nicknames or titles an outsider attributes to them.

Fey-oriented and distant cousins of giants, firbolgs prefer remote forests and harmony with nature as a rule. But those who venture forth into the world are typically outcasts, orphans, or agents of a mission assigned by their clan.

And for these wayward firbolgs, I offer possible names to take with you on the road.

firbolg minis D&D 5e

How to Name a Firbolg

The easiest way to name a firbolg is by using an elven name provided in DnD 5e’s sourcebooks. As Volo’s Guide to Everything lays out, elven names are the ones that firbolgs typically take on when dealing with outsiders (which the rest of your party likely are).

Beyond that, Volo’s also mentions that firbolgs adopt nicknames or titles that outsiders give them, opening up the door to naming your firbolg for some deed, habit, or noticeable trait. For example, a firbolg who climbs well might be called “Squirrel” or “Treeclimb.” Or a firbolg who always scratches themselves against bark might be called “Scratch” or “Bark.” Or a firbolg with bright red fur might be called “Firefur” or “Redcoat.”

When considering firbolg nicknames like these, it’s important to think about what outsiders gave your firbolg character this name. A band of druidic humans who sought wisdom from a firbolg would give a very different nickname than a city urchin who gawked at their first sight of a firbolg.

Firbolgs Surnames

Firbolgs don’t have surnames for dealing with their own kind (same as first names). However, their tribe names refer to their homes. And when referring to their homes when talking with outsiders, they use “whatever name the surrounding folk use.”

For example, if a firbolg had heard forest gnomes refer to their home as “Rockwood,” that would be how the firbolg named their home when dealing with outsiders. This name can then be used as their tribe name and surname.

Firbolg Name Examples

Here are some example firbolg names, with the basic idea of firbolg naming conventions mentioned above in mind:

Male Firbolg Names

  1. Adran

  2. Aela

  3. Aramil

  4. Arannis

  5. Aust

  6. Berio

  7. Berrian

  8. Carric

  9. Enialis

  10. Erdan

  11. Erevan

  12. Galinndan

  13. Hadarai

  14. Heian

  15. Himo

  16. Immeral

  17. Ivellious

  18. Laucian

  19. Mindartis

  20. Paelias

  21. Peren

  22. Quarion

  23. Riardon

  24. Rolen

  25. Soveliss

  26. Thamior

  27. Tharivol

  28. Theren

  29. Varis

  30. Clay

  31. Reed

  32. Fisher

  33. Oakenheel

  34. Stave

  35. Buckle

  36. Treeclimb

  37. Bark

  38. Redcoat

  39. Thorn

  40. Stoneforge

Female Firbolg Names

  1. Adrie

  2. Althaea

  3. Anastrianna

  4. Andraste

  5. Antinua

  6. Bethrynna

  7. Birel

  8. Caelynn

  9. Drusilia

  10. Enna

  11. Felosial

  12. Ielenia

  13. Jelenneth

  14. Keyleth

  15. Leshanna

  16. Lia

  17. Meriele

  18. Mialee

  19. Naivara

  20. Quelenna

  21. Quillathe

  22. Sariel

  23. Shanairra

  24. Shava

  25. Silaqui

  26. Theirastra

  27. Thia

  28. Vadania

  29. Valanthe

  30. Xanaphia

  31. Wilder

  32. Bloom

  33. Rainy

  34. Hollis

  35. Ivy

  36. Squirrel

  37. Scratch

  38. Firefur

  39. Elara

  40. Leafwhisper

Firbolg Tribe Names

  1. Quietbrook

  2. Newforest

  3. Whitemountain

  4. Westwoods

  5. Riverbank

  6. Grandoak

  7. Marshhaven

  8. Drakesong

  9. Diamondlake

  10. Oldpetal

  11. Elfgarden

  12. Groveflower

  13. Moonshadow

  14. Graycoast

  15. Gemblossom

  16. Silverfrond

  17. Caveshallow

  18. Windwhistle

  19. Brightland

  20. Darkcopse

  21. Mistvale

  22. Willowgrove

  23. Starfrost

  24. Thornwood

  25. Emberbrook

Firbolg Name Generator

If you’d like to randomize your name without getting dice involved, you can use this firbolg name generator I made. It has all the names on the lists above, in every possible combination.