Spells are my favorite part of Dungeons and Dragons. But I’m also a realistic guy who wants to understand the logistics of everything, even patently fictional things. And the more I thought about DnD’s 8 schools of magic, the more I began to wonder which schools would be viewed as the most complex. In other words, I wanted to know which spellcasting schools were akin to surgical school, and which were more like dentist school.

So, I decided to find the average word count for every spell school, a fair enough proxy for complexity, IMO. Neat, I had my data and my answers (Illusionists are surgeons, Diviners are dentists). But I had so many more questions — which school was most expensive? What types of spells would each school teach me? Which classes could I expect to find the most of in each school?

I had to know. And now I do know. You can too if you read the articles below.

TLDR; I like magic. I like data analytics. I have free time. The below articles are the result of these facts:

DnD 5e Spell Statistics

Abjuration Spell Statistics

Conjuration Spell Statistics

Divination Spell Statistics

Enchantment Spell Statistics

Evocation Spell Statistics

Illusion Spell Statistics

Necromancy Spell Statistics

Transmutation Spell Statistics