dnd elvish druid healing a human fighter

Healing spells are a small part of DnD 5e. Many more spells deal damage, provide utility, buff allies, or debuff enemies. But still, 5e’s healing spells are an important part of the game.

Whether keeping allies alive in combat, restoring their health after combat, removing a debuff, or even resurrecting the dead, you’re bound to see a healing spell used in just about every DnD session.

Here is a list of the 27 healing spells in DnD 5e, as well as the total average healing value of each. Note that the average healing value assumes the maximum targets are healed and doesn’t take into account the healer’s spellcasting modifier, if applicable.

Spell Name Level Avg. Heal/Effect
Spare The Dying 0 (cantrip) Stabilizes
Cure Wounds 1st-level 4.5
Goodberry 1st-level 10
Healing Word 1st-level 2.5
Healing Spirit 2nd-level 3.5
Lesser Restoration 2nd-level Removes debuffs
Prayer of Healing 2nd-level 9
Aura of Vitality 3rd-level 7
Life Transference 3rd-level 18
Mass Healing Word 3rd-level 15
Remove Curse 3rd-level Removes debuffs
Revivify 3rd-level Resurrects
Vampiric Touch 3rd-level 10.5
Aura of Life 4th-level 0 HP to 1 HP
Enervation 5th-level 18
Greater Restoration 5th-level Removes debuffs
Mass Cure Wounds 5th-level 81
Raise Dead 5th-level Resurrects
Reincarnate 5th-level Resurrects
Heal 6th-level 70
Heroes’ Feast 6th-level 11
Soul Cage 6th-level 9
Regenerate 7th-level 33
Resurrection 7th-level Resurrects
Mass Heal 9th-level 700
Power Word Heal 9th-level All HP, Removes debuffs
True Resurrection 9th-level Resurrects

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