dnd elvish sorcerer casting divination magic

Utility spells are some of the common in DnD 5e, with of 216/477 (that’s 45%). After all, utility is at the heart of what spells do in all the editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Of course, reasonable people can disagree about where “buff, debuff, damage, and heal” spells (my other self-made categories) fall — aren’t they all providing “utility” of one kind or another? Well, that’s why spells in my categorization system can fit into multiple categories.

Mostly, I mean “utility” as a kind of catchall for a spell that doesn’t deal damage, debuff enemies, or heal or buff allies. From cantrips like Minor Illusion and Mold Earth, to spells that push/pull creatures like Thorn Whip or Thunderwave, to spells that conjure minions, to most Divination spells, which don’t really “buff” you, but instead grant utility nonetheless, like Scrying or Detect Magic.

Even if you don’t agree 100% with my methodology, I wanted to gather up all the utility spells 5e has to offer in one table:

Spell Name Level
Control Flames 0 (cantrip)
Dancing Lights 0 (cantrip)
Druidcraft 0 (cantrip)
Gust 0 (cantrip)
Infestation 0 (cantrip)
Light 0 (cantrip)
Lightning Lure 0 (cantrip)
Mage Hand 0 (cantrip)
Mending 0 (cantrip)
Message 0 (cantrip)
Minor Illusion 0 (cantrip)
Mold Earth 0 (cantrip)
Prestidigitation 0 (cantrip)
Produce Flame 0 (cantrip)
Shape Water 0 (cantrip)
Thaumaturgy 0 (cantrip)
Thorn Whip 0 (cantrip)
Alarm 1st-level
Animal Friendship 1st-level
Beast Bond 1st-level
Command 1st-level
Comprehend Languages 1st-level
Create or Destroy Water 1st-level
Detect Evil and Good 1st-level
Detect Magic 1st-level
Detect Poison and Disease 1st-level
Disguise Self 1st-level
Earth Tremor 1st-level
Find Familiar 1st-level
Fog Cloud 1st-level
Identify 1st-level
Illusory Script 1st-level
Purify Food and Drink 1st-level
Silent Image 1st-level
Speak With Animals 1st-level
Tenser’s Floating Disk 1st-level
Thunderwave 1st-level
Unseen Servant 1st-level
Alter Self 2nd-level
Animal Messenger 2nd-level
Arcane Lock 2nd-level
Augury 2nd-level
Beast Sense 2nd-level
Calm Emotions 2nd-level
Continual Flame 2nd-level
Darkness 2nd-level
Detect Thoughts 2nd-level
Dust Devil 2nd-level
Find Steed 2nd-level
Find Traps 2nd-level
Flame Blade 2nd-level
Gentle Repose 2nd-level
Gust of Wind 2nd-level
Knock 2nd-level
Locate Animals or Plants 2nd-level
Locate Object 2nd-level
Magic Mouth 2nd-level
Misty Step 2nd-level
Moonbeam 2nd-level
Nystul’s Magic Aura 2nd-level
Pyrotechnics 2nd-level
Rope Trick 2nd-level
Shatter 2nd-level
Skywrite 2nd-level
Spike Growth 2nd-level
Summon Beast 2nd-level
Warding Wind 2nd-level
Web 2nd-level
Animate Dead 3rd-level
Blink 3rd-level
Catnap 3rd-level
Clairvoyance 3rd-level
Conjure Animals 3rd-level
Create Food and Water 3rd-level
Daylight 3rd-level
Dispel Magic 3rd-level
Erupting Earth 3rd-level
Feign Death 3rd-level
Glyph of Warding 3rd-level
Hunger of Hadar 3rd-level
Leomund’s Tiny Hut 3rd-level
Major Image 3rd-level
Meld Into Stone 3rd-level
Nondetection 3rd-level
Plant Growth 3rd-level
Sending 3rd-level
Sleet Storm 3rd-level
Speak With Dead 3rd-level
Speak With Plants 3rd-level
Summon Fey 3rd-level
Summon Lesser Demons 3rd-level
Summon Shadowspawn 3rd-level
Summon Undead 3rd-level
Thunder Step 3rd-level
Tiny Servant 3rd-level
Wall of Sand 3rd-level
Wall of Water 3rd-level
Water Breathing 3rd-level
Water Walk 3rd-level
Wind Wall 3rd-level
Arcane Eye 4th-level
Conjure Minor Elementals 4th-level
Conjure Woodland Beings 4th-level
Control Water 4th-level
Dimension Door 4th-level
Divination 4th-level
Fabricate 4th-level
Find Greater Steed 4th-level
Fire Shield 4th-level
Giant Insect 4th-level
Hallucinatory Terrain 4th-level
Ice Storm 4th-level
Leomund’s Secret Chest 4th-level
Locate Creature 4th-level
Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound 4th-level
Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum 4th-level
Sickening Radiance 4th-level
Stone Shape 4th-level
Storm Sphere 4th-level
Summon Aberration 4th-level
Summon Construct 4th-level
Summon Elemental 4th-level
Summon Greater Demon 4th-level
Animate Objects 5th-level
Awaken 5th-level
Bigby’s Hand 5th-level
Cloudkill 5th-level
Commune 5th-level
Commune With Nature 5th-level
Conjure Elemental 5th-level
Contact Other Plane 5th-level
Control Winds 5th-level
Creation 5th-level
Danse Macabre 5th-level
Dream 5th-level
Far Step 5th-level
Hallow 5th-level
Holy Weapon 5th-level
Immolation 5th-level
Infernal Calling 5th-level
Legend Lore 5th-level
Maelstrom 5th-level
Mislead 5th-level
Negative Energy Flood 5th-level
Passwall 5th-level
Rary’s Telepathic Bond 5th-level
Scrying 5th-level
Seeming 5th-level
Steel Wind Strike 5th-level
Summon Celestial 5th-level
Telekinesis 5th-level
Teleportation Circle 5th-level
Tree Stride 5th-level
Wall of Force 5th-level
Wall of Light 5th-level
Wall of Stone 5th-level
Wrath of Nature 5th-level
Arcane Gate 6th-level
Bones of the Earth 6th-level
Conjure Fey 6th-level
Contingency 6th-level
Create Homunculus 6th-level
Create Undead 6th-level
Drawmij’s Instant Summons 6th-level
Druid Grove 6th-level
Find the Path 6th-level
Forbiddance 6th-level
Guards and Wards 6th-level
Investiture of Flame 6th-level
Investiture of Ice 6th-level
Investiture of Stone 6th-level
Investiture of Wind 6th-level
Magic Jar 6th-level
Move Earth 6th-level
Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere 6th-level
Planar Ally 6th-level
Programmed Illusion 6th-level
Scatter 6th-level
Soul Cage 6th-level
Summon Fiend 6th-level
Sunbeam 6th-level
Transport Via Plants 6th-level
Wall of Ice 6th-level
Wall of Thorns 6th-level
Word of Recall 6th-level
Conjure Celestial 7th-level
Crown Of Stars 7th-level
Dream Of The Blue Veil 7th-level
Etherealness 7th-level
Finger Of Death 7th-level
Mirage Arcane 7th-level
Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion 7th-level
Plane Shift 7th-level
Project Image 7th-level
Reverse Gravity 7th-level
Sequester 7th-level
Simulacrum 7th-level
Teleport 7th-level
Temple Of The Gods 7th-level
Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting 8th-level
Animal Shapes 8th-level
Antimagic Field 8th-level
Clone 8th-level
Control Weather 8th-level
Demiplane 8th-level
Earthquake 8th-level
Incendiary Cloud 8th-level
Maddening Darkness 8th-level
Mighty Fortress 8th-level
Telepathy 8th-level
Astral Projection 9th-level
Gate 9th-level
Mass Polymorph 9th-level
Time Stop 9th-level
True Polymorph 9th-level
Wish 9th-level

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