Briefly surrounded by silvery mist, you teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see.

Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Range: Self
Components: V
Duration: Instantaneous
School: 2nd-level conjuration

Player’s Handbook, pg. 260

Misty Step 5e

Who doesn’t love a simple, short-range teleport with the dramatic flair of transforming into mist like a Death Eater? This spell might not be as immediately enticing as some 2nd-level damage spells, but savvy players will understand that a 30-foot teleport opens up a world of possibilities.

It might be the second shortest spell in the game, but it’s worth going over the basic rules of Misty Step, along with some of its more noteworthy applications in-game.

Who Can Cast Misty Step in 5e?

The following classes have Misty Step on their spell list:

The following subclasses get Misty Step for free:

  • Druid (Circle of the Land: Coast)

  • Paladin (Oath of the Ancients)

  • Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)

What Does Misty Step Do in 5e?

Misty Step allows a player to teleport up to 30 feet to any place they can see. Note that this 30-foot teleport includes the Z-axis as well as the X and Y (you can go up and down with it).

Misty Step has a range of self and a casting time of one bonus action, so you can move and perform another action (including casting a cantrip or attacking) on the same turn. You can Misty Step before or after taking other actions.

What Are the Rules for Misty Step in 5e?

The basic rules for Misty Step in DnD 5e are pretty simple. Instead of covering those rules, lets go over some commonly asked question about the spell:

  • Can I Misty Step while carrying someone? No, you cannot carry someone with Misty Step. The spell’s range is “self,” and the game’s rules differentiate between carried objects and living creatures. While you can cast Misty Step while carrying someone, they will immediately fall as you alone teleport.

  • Can I Misty Step out of grapple? Yes, you can Misty Step out of grapple without making any ability checks. The spell only has verbal components, so unless your mouth is gagged as well, you can Misty Step while restrained. A Sorcerer could even Misty Step while gagged by using Subtle Spell.

  • Is Misty Step teleporting? Yes, Misty Step is considered teleporting.

  • Can I Misty Step while in bonds? Yes, just like when you are being grappled, you can Misty Step while in shackles or bonds, as long as they’re not magically blocking such spells. Once again, Misty Step only requires a spoken word, so you do not need free use of your hands to cast it.

    As to whether the bonds teleport with you, we’ll leave it to Lead Rules Designer Jeremey Crawford. From Sageadvice: “it’s up the to the DM. I’d say you could teleport out of bonds that fixed to a wall or the like.” That implies manacles would be considered worn (and so teleport with you), while wall shackles would not.

  • Can I cast a spell before or after using Misty Step? Yes, you can cast a cantrip (and only a cantrip) after casting Misty Step (PHB 202).

  • Can I use Misty Step as a reaction? No, you cannot use Misty Step as a reaction; only as a bonus action. What a lot of players actually mean when they ask this question is: Can I use the Ready action to prepare Misty Step? The answer is still no, since you can’t Ready bonus actions.

You can go up or down with Misty Step, and you bring along anything you’re carrying or wearing, excluding players. Since Misty Step is only a bonus action, you can also move, attack, and take other actions on your turn after using it.

dnd 5e misty step

How Do I Use Misty Step in 5e?

Misty Step might not seem all that great at first glance, but here are some creative applications of the spell that can add some flavor to your game, in and out of combat:

  1. Escaping. The ability to move 30 feet away without provoking any opportunity attacks is a big deal in DnD. Plus, since Misty Step is a bonus action, you can also use Dash and move a total of 90 feet in one turn. Or you can attack and then Misty Step away.

  2. Repositioning. Maybe you need to get closer to friends to help. Or perhaps you’d like to be in the thick of things so you can lay out some serious area of effect damage. Or you’re trying to get to the perfect tactical point to set up an ambush, but it’s too hard to get to by physical means.

    Misty Step is how you get your character where they need to go, fast.

  3. Get away from captors. Depending on your interpretation of the rules (or more accurately, your DMs), Misty Step can get you out of bonds. At the very least, it can teleport you regardless if you’re hands are bound. From there, it’s up to you to release the rest of your party.

  4. Cheating puzzles. Sometimes, you can see the artifact you’ve come to get, but there’s some crazy obstacle in the way. You’re supposed to find the three keys, engage the levers, destroy the crystal and…or you could just Misty Step over there, snatch the thing, and Misty Step back.

  5. Familiar teleport. If you’re having a tough time seeing the place you want to teleport to, you can use Find Familiar and see through your creature’s eyes. Then, you can cast Misty Step to that hard-to-reach spot.

Who Can I Target With Misty Step 5e?

You can target any unoccupied space you can see within 30 feet with Misty Step. This means you can’t Misty Step directly on top of another creature’s square(s).

You may be wondering if you can target a space with Misty Step while you’re falling as a way to avoid damage. If you’re in combat, you’ll have to wait until your turn to use your bonus action, and you can’t use it as a reaction. So if you’re not falling far, you probably won’t have time to cast Misty Step.

If you’re out of combat, you might be able to teleport to safety if you react quickly enough.

Is Misty Step 5e a Good Spell?

Yes, Misty Step is a good spell with plenty of applications. Having a casting time of one bonus action opens up some very economical turns in combat, with attacks, cantrips, dashes, and other maneuvers all possible.

Players who rely on spellcasting as their main source of damage may not like expending a spell slot on a utility spell, but it’s worth having Misty Step when you’re in a tight spot.

Misty Step 5e DM Tips

As a DM, make sure players understand Misty Step’s rules as laid out above. A lot of players try to pick up a buddy and teleport away with them, so be ready to disappoint them when they try that. If really creative players use “Enlarge/Reduce” on a Gnome and then slip them into their pocket, you might let them get away with it.

In that same spirit, be prepared to reward players who make creative tactical use of Misty Step. Whether it’s used to set up an ambush, escape a villain’s clutches, or avoiding terrain difficulties, Misty Step allows players to feel like problem-solvers as well as mighty heroes.