There are 51 Constitution save spells in DnD 5e. Constitution save spells typically force the target to contend with something that affects their physical form. Many Con save spells deal damage (39/51) and/or cause debuffs to enemies (28/51). They are primarily found in the evocation, necromancy, and transmutation schools of magic.

Here are all the 5e spells that force a Constitution saving throw:

Cleric School Level
Frostbite Evocation 0 (cantrip)
Infestation Conjuration 0 (cantrip)
Poison Spray Conjuration 0 (cantrip)
Thunderclap Evocation 0 (cantrip)
Word Of Radiance Evocation 0 (cantrip)
Ray Of Sickness Necromancy 1st-level
Searing Smite Evocation 1st-level
Thunderwave Evocation 1st-level
Blindness/Deafness Necromancy 2nd-level
Enlarge/Reduce Transmutation 2nd-level
Heat Metal Transmutation 2nd-level
Levitate Transmutation 2nd-level
Moonbeam Evocation 2nd-level
Pyrotechnics Transmutation 2nd-level
Ray Of Enfeeblement Necromancy 2nd-level
Shatter Evocation 2nd-level
Blinding Smite Evocation 3rd-level
Sleet Storm Conjuration 3rd-level
Stinking Cloud Conjuration 3rd-level
Thunder Step Conjuration 3rd-level
Blight Necromancy 4th-level
Elemental Bane Transmutation 4th-level
Sickening Radiance Evocation 4th-level
Cloudkill Conjuration 5th-level
Cone Of Cold Evocation 5th-level
Contagion Necromancy 5th-level
Dawn Evocation 5th-level
Destructive Wave Evocation 5th-level
Holy Weapon Evocation 5th-level
Insect Plague Conjuration 5th-level
Negative Energy Flood Necromancy 5th-level
Wall Of Light Evocation 5th-level
Circle Of Death Necromancy 6th-level
Flesh To Stone Transmutation 6th-level
Harm Necromancy 6th-level
Investiture Of Ice Transmutation 6th-level
Investiture Of Wind Transmutation 6th-level
Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere Evocation 6th-level
Sunbeam Evocation 6th-level
Wall Of Ice Evocation 6th-level
Finger Of Death Necromancy 7th-level
Power Word Pain Enchantment 7th-level
Prismatic Spray Evocation 7th-level
Symbol Abjuration 7th-level
Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting Necromancy 8th-level
Earthquake Evocation 8th-level
Holy Aura Abjuration 8th-level
Power Word Stun Enchantment 8th-level
Sunburst Evocation 8th-level
Prismatic Wall Abjuration 9th-level
Storm Of Vengeance Conjuration 9th-level

As you can see, Constitution saving throw spells don’t typically deal as much damage as some spells, but they do come with powerful rider effects. Spells that blind, poison, restrain, knock prone, and stun all can be found on Con save spells. The Frostbite cantrip is the perfect example of a Con save spell; lower damage (1d8) than most ranged cantrip spell attacks, but with an effective rider (disadvantage on the target’s next weapon attack).

hill giant vs. party dnd minis

Are Constitution Save Spells Good?

Constitution save spells will land less often than most spells, on average. However, this is purely based on the average ability modifiers among DnD 5e’s monsters in the game’s main monster sourcebooks. The average Constitution of monsters in 5e is 15.30 — the 1st-highest average ability score in the game.

For comparison, here are the average ability scores of the 802 monsters included in this data set:

Average modifier 15.00 13.14 15.30 9.29 12.03 10.62

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