There are 51 Wisdom save spells in DnD 5e. Wisdom save spells typically control an enemy in some way, although they’re also often save-or-suck spells that either work 100% or don’t work at all. While 16/51 Wisdom save spells deal damage (mostly psychic damage), many more (almost all of them) debuff an enemy in some way. Loads of effects — charm, frightened, stunned, and even incapacitated — can come from Wisdom save spells. They are primarily found in the enchantment and illusion schools of magic.

Here are all the 5e spells that force a Wisdom saving throw:

Spell Name School Level
Toll The Dead Necromancy 0 (cantrip)
Vicious Mockery Enchantment 0 (cantrip)
Animal Friendship Enchantment 1st-level
Cause Fear Necromancy 1st-level
Charm Person Enchantment 1st-level
Command Enchantment 1st-level
Compelled Duel Enchantment 1st-level
Dissonant Whispers Enchantment 1st-level
Sanctuary Abjuration 1st-level
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter Enchantment 1st-level
Wrathful Smite Evocation 1st-level
Crown Of Madness Enchantment 2nd-level
Detect Thoughts Divination 2nd-level
Enthrall Enchantment 2nd-level
Hold Person Enchantment 2nd-level
Mind Spike Divination 2nd-level
Spike Growth Transmutation 2nd-level
Suggestion Enchantment 2nd-level
Bestow Curse Necromancy 3rd-level
Fear Illusion 3rd-level
Hypnotic Pattern Illusion 3rd-level
Slow Transmutation 3rd-level
Spirit Guardians Conjuration 3rd-level
Charm Monster Enchantment 4th-level
Compulsion Enchantment 4th-level
Confusion Enchantment 4th-level
Dominate Beast Enchantment 4th-level
Phantasmal Killer Illusion 4th-level
Polymorph Transmutation 4th-level
Staggering Smite Evocation 4th-level
Dominate Person Enchantment 5th-level
Dream Illusion 5th-level
Geas Enchantment 5th-level
Hold Monster Enchantment 5th-level
Modify Memory Enchantment 5th-level
Scrying Divination 5th-level
Eyebite Necromancy 6th-level
Mass Suggestion Enchantment 6th-level
Otto’s Irresistible Dance Enchantment 6th-level
Scatter Conjuration 6th-level
Prismatic Spray Evocation 7th-level
Symbol Abjuration 7th-level
Antipathy/Sympathy Enchantment 8th-level
Dominate Monster Enchantment 8th-level
Illusory Dragon Illusion 8th-level
Maddening Darkness Evocation 8th-level
Imprisonment Abjuration 9th-level
Mass Polymorph Transmutation 9th-level
Prismatic Wall Abjuration 9th-level
True Polymorph Transmutation 9th-level
Weird Illusion 9th-level

As you can see, some of the most powerful control spells in the game rely on a failed Wisdom saving throw. From humble (but effective) crowd control at 1st-level spells like Tasha’s Hideous Laughter and Dissonant Whispers to strong damaging abilities like Spirit Guardians, to charm/command/suggestion-type spells, to one of the best AoE crowd control spells in the game, Hypnotic Pattern, Wisdom save spells are a big part of DnD 5e.

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Are Wisdom Save Spells Good?

Wisdom save spells will land more often than most spells, on average. However, this is purely based on the average ability modifiers among DnD 5e’s monsters in the game’s main monster sourcebooks. The average Wisdom of monsters in 5e is 12.03 — the 3rd-lowest average ability score in the game.

For comparison, here are the average ability scores of the 802 monsters included in this data set:

Average modifier 15.00 13.14 15.30 9.29 12.03 10.62

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