There are 64 Dexterity save spells in DnD 5e. Dexterity save spells typically involve avoiding the spell’s effect with agility. Most deal damage (53/64) — fire, bludgeoning, lightning, and physical damage being the most common – but some also provide utility in restraining foes. Dexterity is the most common saving throw forced by spells in DnD 5e. They are primarily found in the evocation, conjuration, and transmutation schools of magic.

Here are all the 5e spells that force a Dexterity saving throw:

Spell Name School Level
Acid Splash Conjuration 0 (cantrip)
Create Bonfire Conjuration 0 (cantrip)
Light Evocation 0 (cantrip)
Sacred Flame Evocation 0 (cantrip)
Sword Burst Conjuration 0 (cantrip)
Burning Hands Evocation 1st-level
Catapult Transmutation 1st-level
Earth Tremor Evocation 1st-level
Faerie Fire Evocation 1st-level
Grease Conjuration 1st-level
Hail Of Thorns Conjuration 1st-level
Hellish Rebuke Evocation 1st-level
Ice Knife Conjuration 1st-level
Snare Abjuration 1st-level
Tasha’s Caustic Brew Evocation 1st-level
Aganazzar’s Scorcher Evocation 2nd-level
Cordon Of Arrows Transmutation 2nd-level
Dragon’s Breath Transmutation 2nd-level
Flaming Sphere Conjuration 2nd-level
Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm Evocation 2nd-level
Web Conjuration 2nd-level
Call Lightning Conjuration 3rd-level
Conjure Barrage Conjuration 3rd-level
Erupting Earth Transmutation 3rd-level
Fireball Evocation 3rd-level
Glyph Of Warding Abjuration 3rd-level
Hunger Of Hadar Conjuration 3rd-level
Lightning Arrow Transmutation 3rd-level
Lightning Bolt Evocation 3rd-level
Melf’s Minute Meteors Evocation 3rd-level
Sleet Storm Conjuration 3rd-level
Tidal Wave Conjuration 3rd-level
Evard’s Black Tentacles Conjuration 4th-level
Grasping Vine Conjuration 4th-level
Guardian Of Faith Conjuration 4th-level
Ice Storm Evocation 4th-level
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere Evocation 4th-level
Vitriolic Sphere Evocation 4th-level
Wall Of Fire Evocation 4th-level
Conjure Volley Conjuration 5th-level
Enervation Necromancy 5th-level
Flame Strike Evocation 5th-level
Immolation Evocation 5th-level
Transmute Rock Transmutation 5th-level
Wall Of Stone Evocation 5th-level
Wrath Of Nature Evocation 5th-level
Blade Barrier Evocation 6th-level
Bones Of The Earth Transmutation 6th-level
Chain Lightning Evocation 6th-level
Disintegrate Transmutation 6th-level
Investiture Of Flame Transmutation 6th-level
Investiture Of Stone Transmutation 6th-level
Wall Of Ice Evocation 6th-level
Wall Of Thorns Conjuration 6th-level
Delayed Blast Fireball Evocation 7th-level
Fire Storm Evocation 7th-level
Prismatic Spray Evocation 7th-level
Reverse Gravity Transmutation 7th-level
Whirlwind Evocation 7th-level
Earthquake Evocation 8th-level
Incendiary Cloud Conjuration 8th-level
Meteor Swarm Evocation 9th-level
Prismatic Wall Abjuration 9th-level
Storm Of Vengeance Conjuration 9th-level

As you can see, some of the best damaging spells in the game (Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Disintegrate) force Dex saves. But there are also super-strong utility and control spells that force Dexterity saves, like Web and Faerie Fire. Restraining and knocking prone are the most common debuff effects caused by Dex save spells.

dnd 5e spellcaster minis

Are Dexterity Save Spells Good?

Dexterity save spells will land less often than most spells, on average. However, this is purely based on the average ability modifiers among DnD 5e’s monsters in the game’s main monster sourcebooks. The average Dexterity of monsters in 5e is 13.14 — the 3rd-highest average ability score in the game.

For comparison, here are the average ability scores of the 802 monsters included in this data set:

Average modifier 15.00 13.14 15.30 9.29 12.03 10.62

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