dnd tiefling cleric blesses her party

Spells that buff an ally (or yourself) in some way are an essential part of DnD. 5e’s buff spells do everything from grant numerical bonuses, like Guidance, Bless, Aid, and Pass Without Trace, to whole new powers, like Invisibility, Spider Climb, Fly, and Polymorph.

They’re some of the most powerful spells in the game because they provide long-lasting advantages for your party. Here are the 87 buff spells in DnD 5e:

Spell Name Level
Blade Ward 0 (cantrip)
Guidance 0 (cantrip)
Magic Stone 0 (cantrip)
Resistance 0 (cantrip)
Shillelagh 0 (cantrip)
True Strike 0 (cantrip)
Absorb Elements 1st-level
Armor of Agathys 1st-level
Bless 1st-level
Ceremony 1st-level
Divine Favor 1st-level
Expeditious Retreat 1st-level
False Life 1st-level
Feather Fall 1st-level
Heroism 1st-level
Jump 1st-level
Longstrider 1st-level
Mage Armor 1st-level
Protection From Evil and Good 1st-level
Sanctuary 1st-level
Shield 1st-level
Shield of Faith 1st-level
Zephyr Strike 1st-level
Aid 2nd-level
Barkskin 2nd-level
Blur 2nd-level
Darkvision 2nd-level
Dragon’s Breath 2nd-level
Enhance Ability 2nd-level
Enlarge/Reduce 2nd-level
Invisibility 2nd-level
Levitate 2nd-level
Magic Weapon 2nd-level
Mirror Image 2nd-level
Pass Without Trace 2nd-level
Protection From Poison 2nd-level
See Invisibility 2nd-level
Silence 2nd-level
Spider Climb 2nd-level
Warding Bond 2nd-level
Beacon of Hope 3rd-level
Crusader’s Mantle 3rd-level
Elemental Weapon 3rd-level
Flame Arrows 3rd-level
Fly 3rd-level
Gaseous Form 3rd-level
Haste 3rd-level
Intellect Fortress 3rd-level
Magic Circle 3rd-level
Protection From Energy 3rd-level
Tounges 3rd-level
Aura of Life 4th-level
Aura of Purity 4th-level
Death Ward 4th-level
Fire Shield 4th-level
Freedom of Movement 4th-level
Greater Invisibility 4th-level
Guardian of Nature 4th-level
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere 4th-level
Polymorph 4th-level
Shadow of Moil 4th-level
Stoneskin 4th-level
Antilife Shell 5th-level
Circle of Power 5th-level
Dispel Evil and Good 5th-level
Negative Energy Flood 5th-level
Skill Empowerment 5th-level
Swift Quiver 5th-level
Globe of Invulnerability 6th-level
Heroes’ Feast 6th-level
Investiture of Flame 6th-level
Investiture of Ice 6th-level
Investiture of Stone 6th-level
Investiture of Wind 6th-level
Primordial Ward 6th-level
Soul Cage 6th-level
Tasha’s Otherwordly Guise 6th-level
Tenser’s Transformation 6th-level
True Seeing 6th-level
Wind Walk 6th-level
Glibness 8th-level
Holy Aura 8th-level
Mind Blank 8th-level
Foresight 9th-level
Invulnerability 9th-level
Mass Polymorph 9th-level
Shapechange 9th-level

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