These are all the bonus action spells in DnD 5e’s three main sourcebooks: Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything:

Bonus Action Spells 5e

Spell Name Level
Magic Stone 0 (cantrip)
Shillelagh 0 (cantrip)
Compelled Duel 1st-level
Divine Favor 1st-level
Ensnaring Strike 1st-level
Expeditious Retreat 1st-level
Hail Of Thorns 1st-level
Healing Word 1st-level
Hex 1st-level
Hunter’s Mark 1st-level
Sanctuary 1st-level
Searing Smite 1st-level
Shield Of Faith 1st-level
Thunderous Smite 1st-level
Wrathful Smite 1st-level
Zephyr Strike 1st-level
Branding Smite 2nd-level
Dragon’s Breath 2nd-level
Flame Blade 2nd-level
Healing Spirit 2nd-level
Magic Weapon 2nd-level
Misty Step 2nd-level
Shadow Blade 2nd-level
Spiritual Weapon 2nd-level
Blinding Smite 3rd-level
Lightning Arrow 3rd-level
Mass Healing Word 3rd-level
Spirit Shroud 3rd-level
Grasping Vine 4th-level
Guardian Of Nature 4th-level
Staggering Smite 4th-level
Banishing Smite 5th-level
Far Step 5th-level
Holy Weapon 5th-level
Swift Quiver 5th-level
Tasha’s Otherwordly Guise 6th-level
Divine Word 7th-level
Blade Of Disaster 9th-level

You can’t cast another spell on the same turn as casting a bonus action spell, unless it’s a cantrip with a casting time of one action (PHB 202).

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