Dice are the most fun part of DnD. There, I said it. It’s not the monster-slaying, the quest-doing, or the epic moments of bravery. No, we play Dungeons and Dragons to roll dice.

Rolling up to a table with a snazzy new set of dice is the nerdy equivalent of rolling up in a new fancy sports car. Your fellow players “ooo” and “ah,” and secretly fume about their jealousy like they’re Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

Then they go out and get some snazzy new dice of their own. But where to buy DnD dice that’ll be a delight to use, pretty to look at, and sturdy enough to hold up to the most powerful of powergaming?

Fear not, adventurers and dungeon masters – I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite 7-piece dice sets below! Let’s peruse these pretty polyhedral pals…

dnd dice

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Best Gemstone DnD Dice Sets

Gemstone dice are considered the top-of-the-line when they’re done right. While some people prefer the extra heft of metal dice, gemstone dice are slightly lighter.

For me, gemstone dice are slightly more enjoyable to use, as I prefer the sound they make when they roll and the weight and feel of them in my hand.

Plus, they’re just so dang pretty and rarely suffer from the illegible text problem that plagues some metal and resin dice sets.

They’re also among the priciest options out there ($40 minimum, going to over $100), but good ones are built to last a lifetime. Below are a few of my favorites.

1. Frosted Obsidian Gemstone Dice Set

Frosted Obsidian Gemstone Dice

There’s something so elegant and understated about these gorgeous gemstone dice. They look like they belong at the first game of DnD ever played, being rolled by Gary Gygax himself.

The texture and color of these are how I imagine pristine castle wall, and the typography gives off the perfect fantasy vibes. I love the weight in my hands — not too heavy, not too light. Plus, the sound when they roll in a felt tray is peak ASMR.

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2. Blue Sandstone Natural Gemstone Dice Set

Sandstone Natural Gemstone Dice

I mean, just look at these things. It’s like staring into the night sky and seeing a thousand sparkling stars. What Wizard wouldn’t want such wondrous artifacts? Surely, they hold great power.

Equally good for spacey-themed characters like a Stars Druid. These babies are each one-of-a-kind, handmade works of art.

Note: Use discount code LOUNGE24 at checkout for a 8% discount on dice from MAGISEVEN

3. Amethyst Stone Dice Set

Amethyst Stone Dice

Hand-carved and polished from genuine amethyst crystal, it’s hard to get a more premier dice set than this. They’d fit right in among a dragon’s hoard of treasure.

Prettiness aside, there’s no beating these dice for feel. In the hand and rolling on the table, these are the absolute perfect weight; not as heavy as metal dice, but not as light as resin. And the numbering contrast ensures that visibility is never an issue, even in darker spaces.

Best Metal DnD Dice Sets

Metal dice sets are the heaviest of the options, and they compete with gemstone dice for the priciest as well. But they are satisfyingly heavy and can feature more interesting design work than the clean, flat lines of other dice sets.

I personally like hollow metal dice sets a bunch – maybe because that was the first premium dice set I ever purchased. Solid metal options are usually better for readability, but I’m a sucker for the intricacies that the hollow design allows, as well as the slightly reduced weight.

4. Thunder of Dragons Dice Set

Thunder of Dragons Dice

Incredibly intricate dice that are a triumph of artistry and craftsmanship, the Thunder of Dragons dice set is a joy to use. Some metal dice go too far with design and forget that you have to actually read the numbers – not so with this dice set, where the numbers are stark and easy to read.

If you want others to envy you like a dragon’s treasure hoard, these are the dice for you.

5. Antique Brass Dice Set

Antique Brass Dice

For folks who want a more old-timey feel while also getting the best of modern quality standards, this antique brass dice set is the tops. The black numbering is easy to read, and the weight is on the slightly lighter side for rollers who don’t like the heftiest of the hefty solid metal dice options.

Bonus points: it comes with a velvet carrying bag, in which your dice can make a satisfying clatter.

6. Triton Emerald-Silver Metal Dice Set

Triton Emerald-Silver Metal Dice

Some metal dice can be hard to read – nothing could be further from the truth with the triton emerald-silver dice set.

The numbers are crisply carved into the dice, and the emerald background makes them look like a glittering pile of precious jewels. While the design on these is more on the simple side, it’s also a cheaper metal dice set than most at under $40.

7. Bahamut Platinum Hollow Dragon Dice Set

Bahamut Platinum Hollow Dragon Dice

A brilliant blue color makes this dice set stand out from most metal dice sets, which typically have a less flashy color profile. But, like Bahamut himself, these dice refuse to be ignored.

The gold lettering positively pops off these dice as well, so you won’t have to worry about reading your nat 20s correctly. Plus, they’re a fair bit cheaper than most metal dice on the market, without sacrificing quality at all.

Best Glass DnD Dice Sets

Glass dice can be some of the most visually scintillating options you can buy. Good ones will also push the price tag up higher, but there’s really nothing quite like them.

They won’t be as heavy in the hand as gemstone dice (for the most part), but glass dice are still heavier than acrylic or resin options.

8. Prismatic Dichroic Glass Dice Set

Prismatic Dichroic Glass Dice

These optically fascinating dice reflect a different color depending on the angle at which you look at them. It’s like an iridescent kaleidoscope.

These dice would work great with any fey-associated character, a spacey time-themed character (like a Divination wizard or a Clockwork Sorcerer), or master glass artisan Artificer.

Plus, you know everyone at the table won’t be able to take their eyes off these laser-engraved beauties.

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9. Garnet Zircon Glass Dice Set

Garnet Zircon Glass Dice

If you like the look of gemstone dice, but want something translucent and a bit lighter, this zircon glass set is for you. They look so much like garnets, you could even use them as a prop in a pile of treasure.

I also like how the numbers are incredibly clear and easy to read, which isn’t always the case with translucent dice.

10. Amber Glass Dice Set

Amber Glass Dice

When you own these dice, you don’t just own a gaming accessory; you get fossilized tree resin with life from millions of years ago. If that doesn’t power your character’s magic, I dunno what will.

Great for any character, magical or martial, with a neutral color palette that can fit anyone.

Note: Use discount code LOUNGE24 at checkout for a 8% discount on dice from MAGISEVEN

Best Sharp Edge Resin DnD Dice Sets

Sharp edge resin dice are the pricier version of the cheap, acrylic dice options out there. They generally feature clearer numbers as well, and always have more precise and durable edges.

While resin dice are visually a step up form acrylic dice, they are about the same weight. But dang are they pretty.

11. Saltwater Sharpedge: Phosphorescence Dice Set

Saltwater Sharpedge: Phosphorescence

Shimmery flecks of golden glitter in the foggy blue resin of this beautiful dice set. An absolute delight to roll around in your hands, and a satisfying tumble in your tray.

There’s more than meets the eye here – these dice also give of a soft, ethereal light when in darkness. An incredible way to set the mood, especially if a friendly neighborhood Wizard turns out to be an evil necromancer instead.

Saltwater Sharpedge: Phosphorescence lit up in darkness

12. Forest Dreams Dice Set

Forest Dreams

With translucent gold foil shimmering inside, this sharp-edged dice set is beautifully transluscent in a subtle and visually pleasing way. Some resin dice annoy me with difficult-to-read numbering, but the start white on the clearly dark background make these a delight to use. Perfect for Druids, Rangers, and any other nature-themed character.

13. The Dice of the Scarab Dice Set

The Dice of the Scarab

So stunningly gorgeous, they could make a man weep. The numbers positively jump off the green resin backdrop, mottled in a unique way for each set. These vibrant bad boys will have people eyeing your treasures from across the table.

Even for Awesome Dice, this set is peak awesome.

14. Dragon Eye Rolling Dice Set

Dragon Eye Rolling Dice

Sure, some dice sets feature draconic iconography, but do any of them actually show your character as the dragon-slayer that they are? These dice have a liquid core that hold dragon eyes within, which roll to look at you as you roll them.

With five different color options, you can even pick WHICH dragon you slew to earn such a fine and rare prize. Incredibly nifty, these dice bring a genuine sense of magic to the table.

Best Acrylic DnD Dice Sets

Acrylic dice are the cheapest options out there, with plenty of dice sets coming in at under $10. Don’t let the cheapness scare ya off, though – there are plenty of great manufacturers who produce affordable dice that are still visually striking.

You might not be the envy of the table, but you’ll be a step up from the guy using basic black and white dice.

15. Scarab Jade Dice Set

Scarab Jade

An iridescent blue and deep, dark green make these dice a stand-out choice among the less expensive dice options.

It’s a vivid color combo, with gold numbers for strong contrast and easy visibility. And while many times iridescence is a photography trick, these dice look even better in-person than they do online.

This is the perfect dice set for any Ranger, Druid, or Nature Cleric.

16. Runic Dice Set

Runic Dice

A lot of acrylic dice sets can feel…samey. Not so with these Runic dice from Dice Dragons. With a unique style that places each number in a black, circular background (why don’t more manufacturers do this — it makes numbers so easy to read!), these are not your average acrylic dice.

They come in five different colors, so you can match your palette with your character. The best part? These babies are only $12! That’s a rare deal that makes them attractive as a first-time dice-buyer or a veteran looking to expand their collection on a budget.

17. Geralt – The White Wolf (Witcher) Dice Set

Geralt - The White Wolf (Witcher) dice set

A simple, elegant, and easy-to-read dice set that’s themed around Geralt and the Witcher universe. It even comes with a d2 as a bonus…also known as a coin 🙂

I don’t know any DnD fans who don’t also love the Witcher, making these a safe gift for a TTRPG nerd in your life. And they’re not some cheap gimmick product either – the weight and quality of these dice are top-notch.

PS: There are more Witcher-themed dice on the site, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer, etc. on Awesome Dice.

18. Bardic Inspiration Cannabis-Themed Dice Set

Bardic Inspiration Cannabis-Themed

Perfect for the Bard or cannabis enthusiast in your life (or both – there’s a lot of crossover there), these hazy dice will light up the adventure.

Beyond the silly little kitschy aspect of this dice set, they’re actually really solid. Easy visibility, good weight in the hands, and a satisfying tumble as they roll.

If you have a 420-friendly table, you’ll quickly become the belle of the ball with this baggie in your possession.

Best DnD Dice Trays

If you’re playing DnD, you need a dice tray as badly as you need dice. Well, maybe not quite as badly, but you get my point.

Rolling dice loose on a table isn’t just annoying (dropping on the ground, knocking over minis, spilling sodas, etc.) – it’s bad for your dice! While high-quality dice are built to last, they’re also meant to be treated well.

A felt or leather tray is all you need to protect your dice and make gaming less of a headache. Plus, dear god is rolling dice in a dice tray the best ASMR out there.

Felt Dice Rolling Tray

felt dice rolling tray skullsplitter

A simple, appropriately-sized rolling tray with black faux-leather sides and a felt bottom. The one above has purple felt, but there’s also a blue and red version. Cheap at only $10.

Lies flat and clips together with buttons.

Black Leather Dice Tray

black leather dice tray

Simple and elegant, you can’t go wrong with this leather dice rolling tray from Awesome Dice. I prefer the sound of felt trays myself, but for heavier metal dice, leather is a bit more resilient.

Lies flat and clips together with buttons.

Best Places to Buy DnD Dice

  1. MAGISEVEN. MAGISEVEN specializes in gemstone dice, but also dabbles with some glass dice sets. While they carry a smaller variety than some sites, every dice set is a premium product.

    This isn’t the place for getting cheap beginner’s dice, but if you have $50+ to spend, you’re going to come away with a set of dice that’ll drop jaws and spark that glorious dice envy.

  2. Awesome Dice. My top choice for all things dice, Awesome Dice strikes a perfect balance between having an excellent variety of options while not skimping on quality anywhere.

    No matter what your price range, you’ll find something on there. From beautiful resin dice sets under 10 bucks, to premium quality glass, sharp edge, and gemstone dice in the $40-$100 range.

  3. Skullsplitter Dice. Skullsplitter is an unpretentious shop with plenty of high-quality, low-cost dice sets for sale. They also offer mystery bundles and subscriptions for dice junkies who can’t get enough of a dice fix. Skullsplitter also carries class-themed dice sets in appropriately-themed containers (Warlock’s Tome, Thieves’ Tools, etc.).

DnD Dice FAQ

  1. What dice do you need for DnD? You need a d4, a d6, a d8, a d10, a d%, a d12, and a d20 to play DnD 5e. That’s seven dice in total, although you don’t REALLY need a d% die – it’s just a d10 that goes from 0-90 instead of 1-10.

    For reference, dice notation is d + the number of faces on the die. So a d4 is a 4-sided die, a d6 is a 6-sided die (the common one you use for Yahtzee and stuff), etc.

  2. What does each dice do in DnD? A d20 is used for attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws in DnD 5e, making it the most important die in the game. It’s also iconic and closely associated with DnD and tabletop gaming as a whole.

    The rest of the die are mostly used for determining the damage of attacks and spells, but can come up in other scenarios as well.

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