charisma dnd 5e

Charisma represents a character’s charm and their ability to interact effectively with others. It relates to your social confidence, eloquence, and the force of your personality.

Charisma is important for Bards, Paladins, and Sorcerers, who use Charisma for spellcasting.

For these classes, spell attack bonus is equal to Charisma modifier + proficiency bonus, and spell save DC is equal to 8 + Charisma modifier + proficiency bonus.

Charisma Checks

Charisma checks come up when you need to influence or entertain others, or navigate through a tricky social situation. Below are more examples of when each Charisma-based skill check arises.


  • Telling lies convincingly

  • Concealing the truth without giving away hints

  • Gambling

  • Pretending to be someone you’re not


  • Influencing behavior through threats

  • Securing information

  • Scaring creatures from fighting


  • Performing (playing music, singing, acting, dancing, storytelling, etc.)

  • Impressing someone with entertainment

  • Creating attention-grabbing diversions


  • Convincing someone to agree with your point of view or plan of action

  • Behaving and speaking gracefully and tactfully

  • Making friends

  • Making requests

  • Negotiating deals and contracts

  • Rallying support

Player’s Handbook, pg. 178-9

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