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There are several ways to get Expertise in DnD 5e: be an Artificer, Bard, Ranger, Rogue, Knowledge Cleric, or any character with the Skill Expert or Prodigy feats or the Skill Empowerment spell cast on them. Here are more details on each of the ways to get Expertise in 5e:

  1. Rogue. 1st level, Expertise in any two skills, or with thieves’ tools. At 6th-level, Expertise in any two additional skills, or with thieves’ tools.

  2. Ranger. 1st level, Canny — grants Expertise in one skill.

  3. Bard. 3rd level, Expertise in any two skills. At 10th level, Expertise in two additional skills.

  4. Artificer. 6th level, Tool Expertise — grants Expertise on any skill check using a tool you’re proficient in.

  5. Knowledge Cleric. 1st level, Blessings of Knowledge — grants Expertise in two of the following skills: Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion.

  6. Scout Rogue. 3rd level, Survivalist — grants Expertise in Nature and Survival.

  7. Purple Dragon Knight (Banneret) Fighter. 7th level, Royal Envoy — grants expertise in Persuasion.

  8. Skill Expert (feat). Grants Expertise in one skill.

  9. Prodigy (feat). Half-Elf, Half-Orc, or Human racial feat — grants Expertise in one skill.

  10. Skill Empowerment (spell). 5th-level spell available to Bards, Sorcerers, Wizards, and Artificers — grants Expertise in one skill.

  11. Dwarf. 1st level, Stonecunning — grants Expertise in History checks related to the origin of stonework.

  12. Rock Gnome. 1st level, Artificer’s Lore — grants Expertise in History checks related to magical, alchemical, or technological items.

  13. Aereni Elves. 1st level, Aereni Proficiency — grants Expertise in one skill or tool.

How Does Expertise Work?

Expertise can only apply to skills that you’re already proficient in. It doubles the proficiency bonus that you get in that skill.

So, for example, let’s say you’re level 5, have a +3 Intelligence modifier, and are proficient in Arcana. At level 5, your proficiency bonus is +3, so you add +6 to your Arcana checks.

Now, let’s say you have Expertise in Arcana. Instead of adding a +3 proficiency bonus, you add +6. You still add the normal +3 Intelligence modifier to the skill at well, totaling a +9 on Arcana checks.

Here’s a table with what your proficiency bonus is at each level, along with your proficiency bonus if you have Expertise in a skill:

Level Range Proficiency Bonus Expertise Bonus
1-4 +2 +4
5-8 +3 +6
9-12 +4 +8
13-16 +5 +10
17-20 +6 +12

You cannot apply multiple instances of Expertise to the same skill.

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