teleportation dnd 5e

Teleportation is in the Conjuration school of magic in DnD 5e. All 10 spells that involve teleporting the spellcaster and/or their allies are in the school of Conjuration magic.

The table below shows each teleportation spell in DnD 5e, along with its level and how many allies can be teleported along with the spellcaster.

Teleportation Spells in DnD 5e

Spell School Level Max Allies
Misty Step Conjuration 2 0
Thunder Step Conjuration 3 1
Dimension Door Conjuration 4 1
Teleportation Circle Conjuration 5 No max
Arcane Gate Conjuration 6 No max
Transport via Plants Conjuration 6 No max
Word of Recall Conjuration 6 4
Teleport Conjuration 7 8
Plane Shift Conjuration 7 8
Gate Conjuration 9 No max

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