damage dnd 5e

To calculate damage in DnD 5e, roll the appropriate damage die or dice and add any modifiers that apply to the attack, spell, or ability.

When attacking with a weapon, roll the weapon’s damage die and add your attack ability modifier, which is:

  • Strength for melee weapons

  • Dexterity for ranged weapons

  • Strength or Dexterity (your choice) for finesse weapons

So, if you land an attack with a mace, the damage it deals = 1d6 + Strength modifier.

A spell will tell you which damage dice to roll for damage. Normally, you don’t add any modifiers to spell damage, unless a specific spell description tells you to.

If a spell deals damage to more than one creature at the same time, you only roll the damage once.

For example, if you roll 8d6 for a Fireball’s damage and the result is 30, the Fireball deals 30 damage to all creatures who fail their saving throw against the spell.

If a creature is vulnerable to a damage type (like fire or bludgeoning), double the damage that attack deals. If a creature is resistant to a damage type, cut the damage in half.

Player’s Handbook, pg. 196

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