ranger spells dnd 5e

A Ranger gets between 2 and 11 spells known, plus the possibility of learning two Druid cantrips if they choose the Druidic Warrior fighting style.

Rangers get their first two spells at 2nd-level, then gain +1 spell each time they reach an odd-numbered level.

A Ranger can also change one spell for another Ranger spell whenever they increase their Ranger level.

So, at level 5, when a Ranger gains access to 2nd-level spells, they could learn one 2nd-level spell from leveling up, and then change a 1st-level spell known to a 2nd-level spell. In this way, a level 5 Ranger can instantly get access to two 2nd-level spells.

Ranger Spells by Level

Level Spells Known
2nd 2
3rd 3
4th 3
5th 4
6th 4
7th 5
8th 5
9th 6
10th 6
11th 7
12th 7
13th 8
14th 8
15th 9
16th 9
17th 10
18th 10
19th 11
20th 11

Player’s Handbook, pg. 91

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