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In DnD, the Neutral Evil alignment represents those who prioritize their own interests without being bound by a strict moral code.

Key Traits of Neutral Evil Characters

Neutral Evil characters are driven by a selfish desire for personal gain and power. They are willing to engage in malicious and harmful actions without being restricted by a sense of honor or compassion. Unlike Chaotic Evil characters who are purely destructive, those of Neutral Evil alignment may employ more subtle and strategic methods to achieve their goals.

While not as chaotic as their Chaotic Evil counterparts, Neutral Evil characters are still primarily motivated by self-interest, often engaging in cunning schemes and manipulation to get what they want.

Beliefs and Values

Neutral Evil characters believe in the pursuit of their own ambitions, often at the expense of others. They are willing to exploit any system, manipulate individuals, and engage in treacherous acts to further their goals. Morality is seen as a tool rather than a guiding principle, and they may switch allegiances if it serves their interests.

Moral Dilemmas and Actions

Neutral Evil characters operate in a gray area where their actions are not purely chaotic or orderly. They may collaborate with others when it benefits them or act independently if necessary. Their willingness to engage in morally reprehensible acts sets them apart from characters of other alignments.

When it comes to taking a life, Neutral Evil characters are not bound by any sense of justice or fairness. They may eliminate obstacles, betray allies, or commit heinous acts without remorse if it advances their personal agenda.

Actions of a Neutral Evil Character

  • Manipulating and exploiting others for personal gain.

  • Engaging in cunning and strategic schemes to achieve individual goals.

  • Betraying allies when it serves personal interests.

  • Using any means necessary, including treachery, to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Exploiting legal and social systems for personal advantage.

  • Switching allegiances if it results in greater power or wealth.

  • Committing acts of deception, manipulation, and treachery without hesitation.

  • Engaging in morally reprehensible actions for personal satisfaction or gain.

  • Seeking opportunities to amass power and wealth without regard for consequences.

  • Using intimidation and fear to control and manipulate others.

Actions Anathema to a Neutral Evil Character

  • Showing genuine compassion or altruism without an ulterior motive.

  • Keeping promises or honoring agreements when it goes against personal interests.

  • Cooperating with others for a collective good without seeking personal gain.

  • Choosing a path of honesty and transparency over manipulation and deceit.

  • Respecting alliances and maintaining loyalty when it hinders personal ambitions.

  • Rejecting opportunities for personal gain if it requires harming innocents.

  • Following a moral code or ethical guidelines that limit personal freedom.

  • Abiding by laws or societal norms that hinder personal advancement.

  • Show remorse or guilt for actions that harm others in pursuit of personal goals.

  • Choosing not to betray allies or engage in treacherous acts for personal gain.

Examples of Neutral Evil Characters in Popular Fiction

Several iconic characters from popular fiction embody the spirit of Neutral Evil:

  • Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones): A cunning and ruthless queen who prioritizes her family’s power above all else.

  • Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter): The dark wizard who seeks power and control through manipulation and fear.

  • Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians): The rich matriach whose obsession with fur and willingness to harm innocent puppies for fashion epitomize her selfish and malicious nature.

  • GLaDOS (Portal series): The artificial intelligence’s cold and calculating nature leads her to disregard human life and engenders a willingness to manipulate and harm for scientific experimentation.

  • Mr. Burns (The Simpsons): The wealthy and powerful business magnete whose callousness, exploitation of employees, and unethical business practices showcase his self-serving and malicious character.

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