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To craft a magic item in DnD 5e, you need to collect a magic item formula, materials, and then spend time crafting the item.

The raw materials to make a magic item must have a value equal to half of the item’s selling cost. So if a magic item costs 1,000 gp, you need 500 gp worth of raw materials to make it.

The time spent to craft the item (in workweeks) is equal to the item’s selling cost (in gp) divided by 50. So if a magic item costs 1,000 gp, it takes 20 workweeks to make it.

If multiple characters work together to craft a magic item, divide the time it takes to make the item by the number of players involved. So if it normally takes 20 workweeks to make, two characters working together can make it in 10 workweeks. It is up to the DM’s discretion how many characters can work together to craft a magic item.

Note that the rules for creating potions of healing and spell scrolls are different than for all other magic items.

All rules in this article are based on Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, pg. 128-9

Requirements to Craft a Magic Item

A character must be proficient with the relevant tools needed to craft a magic item, or be proficient in the Arcana skill.

Proficiency Items
Herbalism kit Antidotes, potions
Leatherworker’s tools Leather armor, boots
Smith’s tools Armor, weapons
Weaver’s tools Cloaks, robes

Acquiring Materials to Craft a Magic Item

Magic items always require exotic materials to create. The exact materials to craft a magic item are decided upon by the Dungeon Master. However, DMs are encouraged to use sensible creatures (e.g., a yeti’s pelt might be used to make cold-resistant armor).

Finding materials should be part of an adventure, and the table below indicates the challenge rating of a creature that must be faced in order to acquire the material. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the material comes from the creature’s corpse; it might simply be guarding the location of the material.

Item Rarity CR Range
Common 1-3
Uncommon 4-8
Rare 9-12
Very rare 13-18
Legendary 19+

Magic Item Crafting Time and Cost

In addition to a specific material, the gold cost of an item covers other materials and tools, based on the item’s rarity. Note that the price and creation time are cut in half for consumable items like potions and spell scrolls.

Item Rarity Workweeks Cost
Common 1 50 gp
Uncommon 2 200 gp
Rare 10 2,000 gp
Very rare 25 20,000 gp
Legendary 50 100,000 gp

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