Spell scrolls cost between 25 gp and 25,000 gp in 5e, depending on the level of the spell. A 1st-level spell scroll is a Common magic item, which has a value of between 50-100 gp. However, because it is a consumable item, it costs half as much as a permanent magic item, bringing the price down to between 25-50 gp.

A 9th-level spell scroll is a Legendary magic item, which is typically priced at 50,001+ gp, but is cut in half to 25,000+ gp for a consumable item.

“The value of a consumable item, such as a potion or scroll, is typically half the value of a permanent item of the same rarity.” (Dungeon Master’s Guide, page 135)

Spell Scroll Level Rarity

Spell Level Rarity
Cantrip Common
1st Common
2nd Uncommon
3rd Uncommon
4th Rare
5th Rare
6th Very Rare
7th Very Rare
8th Very Rare
9th Legendary

Dungeon Master’s Guide, page 200

Magic Item Price by Rarity

Rarity Character Level Value
Common 1st or higher 50-100 gp
Uncommon 1st or higher 101-500 gp
Rare 5th or higher 501-5,000 gp
Very rare 11th or higher 5,001-50,000 gp
Legendary 17th or higher 50,001+ gp

Dungeon Master’s Guide, page 135

How Much Do Spell Scrolls Cost to Make in 5e?

Scribing a spell scroll costs between 15 gp and 250,000 gp in 5e, depending on the level of the spell. It also takes between 1 day and 48 workweeks to create.

Spell Scroll Scribing Costs and Crafting Time

Spell Level Time Cost
Cantrip 1 day 15 gp
1st 1 day 25 gp
2nd 3 days 250 gp
3rd 1 workweek 500 gp
4th 2 workweeks 2,500 gp
5th 4 workweeks 5,000 gp
6th 8 workweeks 15,000 gp
7th 16 workweeks 25,000 gp
8th 32 workweeks 50,000 gp
9th 48 workweeks 250,000 gp

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, page 133

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